February 1, 2016

Inventory Management

We are delighted to offer a complete set of inventory management services.

Perpetual Inventory (PI) 

The PI system ensures stock integrity by cyclic counting of all locations within our warehouse. PI avoids the disruption of warehouse closures on stock availability and prevents any adverse impact to the supply chain.

Stock Management Information

Our first class stock reporting helps keep you on track with your inventory. Access to live stock inventory data allows you the up to the minute stock picture. Flexible reporting tools provide you with clear visibility of stock information, rate of sale reporting, location management, items in query and goods inwards activity.

Automatic Stock Replenishment (ASR)

Keep more titles in print at lower costs with our automated ASR system. This optional system identifies the rate of sale of your back catalogue and places pack size orders directly with the printers. Once ordered the goods are delivered and replenished directly into our shelf storage areas.

Print on Demand (POD)

POD provides publishers with a fully automated solution for printing to customer demand. When orders are placed these are directed to our printing partners to supply directly to your customers. This solution allows publishing clients to maintain a leaner stock holding whilst keeping deep backlist in print at minimal cost. With access to automated ordering and sales tracking our POD service meets all of your needs.

Stock Reservation

Stock can be set aside and held for specific customers, thus ensuring their orders are always fulfilled.