February 10, 2016

Our Commitment to Quality

Why choose us?

With a service tailored to your needs, LBS remains the market leading choice for physical and digital book distribution.

  • Over 30 years’ experience in the publishing industry
  • Access to the benefits and resources of some of the UK’s largest publishers but with a local service and relationship tailored to your individual needs
  • A comprehensive distribution service equipped with the latest technology to deliver all of your needs under one roof
  • Dedicated customer service contacts who understand and support your business
  • We distribute a diverse range of products including physical books, digital downloads, audio, gift cards and stationery
  • Our extensive experience in managing new client transfers provides you with a seamless integration into our distribution service
  • Unrivalled commitment to quality and service
  • Specialisation in non-traditional and illustrated markets


Our commitment to quality and service

LBS operates a comprehensive ‘Lean 6Sigma’ quality management program designed to consistently review all of our services and processes to ensure we continue to deliver ‘best in class’ levels of quality and service.

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